Equivalences non obligatoires


.... in a country outside the European Economic Area

Please contact our service (preferably by completing the form) and communicate us all useful information. 

Our service will inform you on the possible outcome of your application based on existing jurisprudence (comparable previously examined cases).

in case of favourable jurisprudence (or in absence of jurisprudence)

We will inform you of the procedure and the documents to supply in order to constitute an application file. 

If equivalence with a specific academic degree cannot be granted to your degree, the study level recognition will be examined.

In case of unfavourable jurisprudence

You will more likely be invited:

to contact a higher education institution in Wallonia-Brussels Federation in order to obtain the degree issued in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (our institutions are exclusively competent to decide on your study programme)


to introduce directly an application for the study level recognition. 


Warning: a study level recognition does not give access to regulated profession, but this recognition aims to legally establish that the foreign degree is a higher education one in indicating its level compared with the degrees issued in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (associate degree, Bachelor, Master). 

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