Equivalences obligatoires


Payment of administrative fee

For files submitted with the aim of starting higher education, the fee must be paid before 15 July.

You can pay the administrative costs online. Please print the proof of transaction and enclose it with your letter for equivalence application. 

If you pay by transfer or deposit, you must follow the following modalities:

Account number: 091-2110516-19
- If you pay from abroad:
      IBAN code: BE39091211051619
      BIC code: GKCCBEBB
- Payment beneficiary: 
     DG Enseignement obligatoire
     Recettes équivalences 16.21
     Rue A.Lavallée, 1
     1080 BRUSSELS
- Bank: 
     Banque BELFIUS
     Boulevard Pachéco, 44
     1000 BRUSSELS
 - mention: equivalence of "name and first name of applicant".

To be valid, your proof of payment must:
* be an original official document
* prove that the payment was made. Proof of debit is therefore required.
*mention our account number.

- Examples of payment modes accepted or not:
Debit advice: YES
*Bank account excerpt: YES
*Bank account statement: YES
*Proof of payment from Belgian post office: YES
*Certificate of the bank including all the information relating to the transfer: YES
*Transfer order: NO
*Postal order: NO
*Cheque: NO
*Proof of online payment: NO (except proof of payment after payment on our website, which is accepted)
* Transfer ticket (self banking): NO
*Cash: NO
*Proof of transfer order: NO

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