Equivalences obligatoires


Regulatory texts

Regulatory texts

Arrêté royal du 20 juillet 1971 setting the provisions and the procedure for the issuing of equivalence of certificates of education issued abroad.

Circulaire 5751 du 3 juin 2016 on the equivalence of foreign primary and secondary education.

List of beneficiary countries of public development aid by the OECD

The administrative fees for the examination of an equivalence application amount to 200 € (secondary studies completed) or 76 € (ongoing secondary studies) except for the beneficiary countries of public development aid by the Development Assistance Committee of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Developmen (OECD). 

Motivation form for an application

  • To continue higher education: you can download this form HERE
  • To continue secondary education:

- If you are an individual HERE
- If you are a secondary school HERE

Regulation of the number of non-resident students in specific courses of the first cycle of higher education

As from the academic year 2013-2014 the Decree limits the number of non-resident students to 30% in the courses leading to the following academic degrees:


  • In Universities:

- bachelor in physiotherapy and rehabilitation;
- bachelor in veterinary sciences;
- bachelor in psychological sciences and Education speech therapy orientation
- bachelor in medicine;
- bachelor in dentistry sciences


  • In High Schools:

- bachelor in physiotherapy
- bachelor in speech therapy
- bachelor in audiology

--> Please read the circular non-residents (pdf file) for more information



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