Equivalences obligatoires


Derogation options

In some cases, the equivalence application file can be submitted after 15 July:

1. Late announcement:

If the announcement of the results of your end of secondary studies certificate took place after 10 July (10 July not included), the deadline for submission is extended to 14 September.

In that case, you must enclose with the request for derogation, an official proof of that late announcement (issued by the Ministry of Education, the Academy, the Baccalaureate Office...)

Warning: this derogation concerns the announcement of the end of secondary studies results examinations (graduates of the current year) and not those of higher education.
2. Passing an admission test:

If the higher education study you wish to start in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation requires passing an admission test, you have a period of 5 working days, after the date of notification of pass, to apply for equivalence with proof of passing of said admission test;
In that case, your file must be constituted as a file introduced when needed with proof of passing the admission test as an original copy. It must therefore contain:
     - application for derogation
     - school documents
     - excerpt of birth certificate
     - payment
     - proof of passing the admission test  
3.  Exceptional circumstances:

If you can prove that exceptional circumstances have prevented you from submitting your file within the deadline. Exceptional circumstances must be understood as:

  • objective facts: they must therefore be proven and be based on reliable documents
  • facts beyond the control of the applicant: they are involuntary (e.g.: not travel abroad)  
  • facts that could not be anticipated (e.g.: not a refusal of admission, either in Belgium or in another country)

If you are concerned by one of those three cases, send your request for derogation to the following address:

Direction générale de l’Enseignement obligatoire
Service des équivalences
Rue Adolphe Lavallée, 1
1080 Bruxelles

The application must contain an explanatory letter listing the reasons for the late submission of the file and any useful element for your argumentation.

If the derogation to the limit date for submission is granted to you, it does not necessarily mean that you can undertake all the types of higher education studies in the French community (short, long or university type).

Before enrolling in an educational institution, it is preferable to await the reply of the Administration regarding your derogation request.

We attract your attention to the fact that the processing of derogation requests takes longer than for a normal request.


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