Equivalences obligatoires


I wish to continue my education

When should I submit my file ?

There is no deadline to apply for a school documents equivalence that do not confirm the end of of the secondary education cycle.

It therefore may be submitted at any time of the year, but we recommend to forward your full application to us in the month following the registration of the student in the school.

How should I forward my file ?

Contact a secondary school of your choice and it will deal with submitting your request for equivalence by transmitting it directly to the Equivalence Department.

You can find a school in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation by using the directory of education and scientific research.

Which documents to supply ?

1) The form in annex to the circular on the equivalence of foreign primary and secondary education

The form must be completed in full by the school and imperatively indicate the arrival date of the student in the school as well as the study year it is intended to enrol the student.

2) The report cards of the last three school years

Those 2 documents must be submitted as certified copies

3) A copy of your identity card or of an excerpt of your birth certificate.

4) The ORIGINAL proof of payment of the administrative fee

The administrative fee for an equivalence application amounts to 76€. By way of derogation of the above, those fees amount to 51€ for the countries in this list: list.

You can pay the administrative costs online. Please print the proof of transaction and enclose it with your letter for equivalence application.

If you don’t pay online click here.

How should I have my documents certified ?

Find out everything about the certified copy procedure.



How should I have my documents translated ?

If your documents are written in French, German, English, Spanish (Castellan), Italian, Dutch or Portuguese, they do not need translating.

Find out everything about the translation procedure.


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