Equivalences obligatoires


I wish to access employment or training

When should I forward my file ?

You can apply for equivalence at all times if the application for equivalence does not concern the end of the secondary education cycle.



How should I forward my file ?

- First option: Send the file by post (the postal stamp is proof).

Service des équivalences de l'enseignement obligatoire
Rue A. Lavallée, 1
1080 Brussels

- Second option: Bring the complete file to the offices of the Equivalence department of secondary education, only by appointment.

You can make an appointment:

  • by telephone on 02/690.86.86



Which documents to supply ?

1) The score cards of the last three school years

These documents must be submitted as certified copies. You can go to the following for this purpose:

  • Your German municipality
  • The equivalence department by presenting your original documents.
  • At your town hall if you live in Belgium.

2) A copy of your identity card or of an excerpt of your birth certificate.

3) A covering letter or justification form
A letter drawn up in French and signed with your names, first names, address and the purpose of your application.

4) The ORIGINAL proof of payment of the administrative fee.

The administrative fee amounts to 76 €.

You can pay the administrative costs online. Please print the proof of transaction and enclose it with your letter for equivalence application.
If you don’t pay online click here.


To access a job, a vocational training course or a social promotion course in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the submission of your file can be done at any time of the year providing that it does not concern the end of the secondary education cycle.

You can deposit your file at our office (only by appointment). The file must be complete to be accepted. If required you will be issued a proof of deposit.

You can send us you letter by post, the Equivalence Department. will give you:

  • If it is complete: a favourable or negative advice on granting equivalence.
  • If it is not complete: a request for additional information.

Your equivalence will be supplied as soon as possible after you have been sent the favourable advice for the latter.


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