Equivalences non obligatoires


To work in the private sector, an academic recognition is generally not necessary. An employer can hire you based on your foreign degree.

To work in the public sector (or in any public funded institution), an academic recognition of your degree will be probably required. 

There are 2 types of academic recognition: 

Level recognition decision aiming to legally establish that the foreign degree is a higher education one in indicating its level compared with the degrees issued in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (associate degree, Bachelor, Master). It can be requested by an employer or any public body (ACTIRIS, FOREM, SELOR, etc.).

Recognition of a specific academic degree 

(e.g.: Master in management sciences) establishing that the content of the foreign study programme is equivalent to the corresponding studies in Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It may be requested by a public employer in case of recruitment targeting particular profile.

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