Equivalences non obligatoires


Academic recognition (equivalence)

The academic recognition (equivalence) is a procedure aiming to assimilate foreign academic studies to those organised in the higher education system of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.  

That recognition can be useful to seek employment in Belgium or to continue studies. 

Academic recognition to a specific academic degree

The decision of recognition issued by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation is a document that certifies that the studies carried out abroad correspond to studies leading to one of the academic degrees delivered in our higher education system.  

This decision will therefore mention the degree issued within the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to which the foreign certificate is recognised equivalent (e.g.: Master in economic sciences). 

This recognition to a specific academic degree presents the same professional effects as the degree obtained in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.  

It is also a compulsory step in order to pursue studies in didactic field (such as the agrégation) or to access to specialised trainings at bachelor level (professional oriented programmes).

Comment: it is possible that studies of very high quality could not have sufficient correspondence with education organised within the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Therefore, the foreign degree cannot obtain recognition to a specific academic degree. 

Recognition of study level (associate degree, Bachelor, Master)

The recognition of studies level aims to establish legally that the foreign degree is a higher education one in indicating its level compared with the degrees issued in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (associate degree, Bachelor, Master).

It does not assess the content of the training and does not mention the study field contrary to an equivalence to a specific academic degree. 

That level recognition does not give access to regulated professions, i.e. those whose access require a specific title (e.g.: doctor, pharmacist, solicitor, teacher etc.) 

Comment: Following the decision of 18 May 2015 of the Benelux Ministers Committee concerning the automatic mutual generic level recognition of higher education degrees in the Benelux, holders of a Dutch or Luxembourg Bachelor or Master degree no longer need to proceed with the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in order to request the level recognition of their degrees of Bachelor or Master. This Decision only targets Dutch or Luxembourg Bachelor or Master recognised by the competent Dutch or Luxembourg authorities. 

The above decision only applies to the recognition of degree level (bachelor/master) and not a specific academic bachelor or master degree such as, for example, a bachelor or master degree in economic sciences.

For any information regarding the recognised institutions and programmes, please contact the ENIC-NARIC centres of the 3 Benelux countries: www.enic-naric.net .

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