Equivalences obligatoires



How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment with the online appointment form or by contacting us on 02/690.86.86 (service available on business days from 2pm to 4pm).

I paid online but I did not receive proof, what should I do?

If you have paid the equivalence fee on our online payment module and you have not received the proof of payment in your inbox, please send an email to equi.oblig(at)cfwb.be with the subject line “PROOF OF MY ONLINE PAYMENT”.

Does the equivalence decision always have an effective date ?

No, only if the purpose of the equivalence is to continue higher education.

How can I check that my mail was received by the department ?

You can track your file online: "suivi en ligne d'un dossier" (online file tracking)

How can I obtain the barcode of my file ?

You can obtain the barcode of your file online via the online file tracking module: "suivi en ligne d'un dossier" (online file tracking)

My decision was already sent to me. When will I receive it ?

Delivery time of administrative correspondence between Belgium and Europe is 10 to 15 business days on average. For countries outside of Europe it takes longer.  

What should I do if my certificate is delivered in a country where teaching is not done in French ?

If you have passed a French language test abroad, please add proof to your equivalence file.

If that is not the case you need to pass the French fluency test to continue higher education in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

That test is organised by the Universities or High Schools.

Passing this test does not modify the equivalence decision. The proof of passing must be presented to the school at the same time as the equivalence decision.

How do I get my original documents back ?

Please consult this page with information related to returning the original documents. 

How do I obtain a duplicate of my equivalence decision ?

Please consult this page with information related to delivery of a duplicate of an equivalence decision. 

What should I do if my address changes ?

If your address changes during the procedure, please inform the Equivalence department of secondary education in writing as soon as possible at the following address: Service des équivalences du secondaire, D.G.E.O., Rue Adolphe Lavallée, n°1, 1080 Brussels or by email to equi.oblig@cfwb.be equi.oblig(at)cfwb.be

How are the submitted documents checked ?

The equivalence department checks the authenticity of the documents submitted for equivalence. Sanctions are foreseen for false documents. We remind that in the Penal Code the use of false documents or falsified documents is considered a crime.

How long does the processing of a file take ?

The processing time of a file varies depending on the time of the year, due to the high level of applications. Therefore, the processing time of a complete file varies from 4 to 12 weeks.

I have made multiple payments by mistake. How can I request a refund for the sum that was not due ?

In case of multiple payment, non-due payment or excess collected :

  1. Send a letter explaining the reason why a refund is requested.
  2. Add the proof of payment (monthly account statement) with the bank identity reference IBAN + BIC (also for Belgium).
  3. Send the letter to:
    D.G.E.O. – Service des équivalences du secondaire
    Bureau 0F-012
    Rue Adolphe Lavallée, 1
    1080 BRUXELLES

Please be aware this is a long procedure.

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